Halloween Readathon


The lovely Lauren over at Wonderless Reviews has been running this Hallowe’en Readathon for a few years, but it’s my first year joining in.  Head over to her page for more details and a fab giveaway.  Here’s what I’ve been reading this month to get me in the mood for the spooky holiday!


‘The Turn of the Screw’, Henry James19308140

First published in 1878, this book has been reprinted hundreds of times with vastly different covers.  The story is deeply creepy and most of the covers emanate this. My current edition is that of the Penguin English Library and, whilst many may feel it’s not the creepiest of covers, I adore the simplicity of it and the way the numerous eyes seem to follow you.


‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, Charlotte Perkins Gilman

This short story has been on my radar for a while and I thought this month was the perfect time to read it.  Written in 1892, it offers readers one of the first unreliable narrators, that have recently gained popularity again.  The story confronts mental health and treatment of women by its protagonists obsession with the supernatural wallpaper in her bedroom.  It reminded me in many was of Poe’s ‘A Tell-Tale Heart’, another deliciously creepy short story, perfect for this time of year.


‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’, Stephanie Perkins

I am an absolute wuss, so I was quite excited to read this horror story and it met all my expectations.  Full review here.


‘The Surrogate’, Louise Jensen

Already a huge fan of Louise Jensen, I knew I’d be getting a great psychological thriller with her latest offering. Full review here.


‘Teen Wolf’

Okay, so not a film, but I have been re-watching season 1 and 2 of ‘Teen Wolf’ this month and have just started on season 3.  I know plenty of people will scoff at me putting this show in the horror genre, but it’s about my limit!


‘Simply The Quest’, Maz Evans

This book was definitely a treat! Published in the summer I’ve been eager to read it since then, and it seemed the perfect book to read and give myself a break from all the horror and tension of my other October reads.  Just as funny, if not funnier, than its prequel ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ I absolutely adored this book and cannot wait for the third in the series next year.  (I will be posting a fuller review soon).


‘The Treatment’, Cally Taylor

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’, Stephanie Perkins

‘The Surrogate’, Louise Jensen

‘Simply The Quest’, Maz Evans

‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, Charlotte Perkins Gilman

‘Station Eleven’, Emily St. John Mandel

(I still have two days of reading before we hit November, so I’m sure I’ll make it to seven books!)

So, what have you been reading this month? Have you picked up any particularly spooky reads? Let me know here or on Twitter (@myatticlibrary)




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