Welcome to #20BooksOfSummer


The lovely Cathy over at 746books.com has for the past three years has set herself the challenge of reading 20 books during summer.  She states there are no hard and fast rules, just one summer, 96 days (June 1st – September 5th) and 20 books.  Are you up to the challenge?

Here is my initial list of 20 books, although I’m sure that it will change quite a bit over the course of the season!

  1. ‘The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts’
  2. ‘Dear Amy’
  3. ‘One’
  4. ‘The Secret of Orchard Cottage’
  5. ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’
  6. ‘The Sister’
  7. ‘Missing, Presumed’
  8. ‘All the Missing Girls’
  9. ‘Truly, Madly, Guilty’
  10. ‘The Beekeeper’s Secret’
  11. ‘The Bone Sparrow’
  12. ‘Sunshine and Biscotti Club’
  13. ‘The Second Love of My Life’
  14. ‘The Tea Planter’s Wife’
  15. ‘Asking for It’
  16. ‘Solitude Creek’
  17. ‘The Sunrise’
  18. ‘The Husband’s Secret’
  19. ‘The Mystery of Mercy Close’
  20. ‘The Skin Collector’


I’d love to know if you’re doing the #20BooksOfSummer and what you are reading, or if you’ve read any from my list, what did you think?  If you’re on twitter don’t forget to follow Cathy (@cathy746books) and me (@myatticlibrary) and use the hashtag to get involved.

Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to #20BooksOfSummer

Add yours

  1. Ooh, I have Truly, Madly, Guilty on my list too! Really looking forward to it – I loved Little Lies!

    Have a great summer of reading – you’re off to a flying start! 🙂


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